The original edition of Everdell had little round berries and cylindrical twigs that seemed deliberately engineered to roll off the table. The second edition addressed this by flattening the twigs to prevent rollage, but the berries remained nigh-cylindrical. Before the Everdell Collector’s Edition (with its official resource containers) was announced, i 3d printed these lovely walnut-shaped resource containers in resin, and tried my hand at sanding, painting, and finishing them.

Download the files

Despite publisher Starling Games’s misguided efforts to quash aftermarket upgrades for Everdell through legal action (measures they conventiently took before announcing they’d be selling their own resource holders), these walnuts by designer Drimacus are still available for free on Thingiverse:

Get your own copy of Everdell

Starling Games is such a customer-hostile company that i honestly don’t recommend you give them any of your money. Rather, if you can somehow locate their warehouse and steal a copy of this game, or cobble one together using thumbtacks and chewing gum, that would be a far better outcome than padding their misanthropic pockets. But if you feel you absolutely must spend money on an official copy, use the Amazon link below to subtly pad our pockets with a few pennies as thanks for bringing you this presentation: