With so many board games coming out every hour, and with only a finite amount of space on my shelves, i came to the conclusion that if i wanted to keep enjoying the hobby without having to rent a storage locker, i would eventually have to start focusing on quality instead of quantity… and that meant tricking out my existing collection to make it as absolutely cool as possible. My very first foray into spicing up my games was buying a 3d resin printer from Anycubic called the Photon S. But “safety first,” said Cheryl, so here’s how we went about pumping out its potentially dangerous fumes.

Get your Wash and Cure Station

If you’re in the market for a 3D resin printer, save yourself a lot of DIY hassle and grab this Wash & Cure Station, which lets you easily rinse excess resin from your models, and solidify them under UV light. Buy your machine using the Amazon link below, and you’ll kick a couple of pennies to the channel so we can keep making videos.