Building a video series about board games takes a lot of long, unpaid hours! When i lost my job in 2017, i decided to make these videos while applying for a new job, just to keep myself busy and to stay on a schedule. Throughout my career as a game and puzzle developer, i’ve become so specialized that remote opportunities are few and far between; after a year of fruitless searching, Nights Around a Table took over. 

If you like what i’m doing and want to see me continue (and thrive!), please consider helping me out. i’ve compiled a list of things you can do to support Nights Around a Table, and most of them are FREE!  

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When you’re starting out, building a successful channel is all about impressing the YouTube robots. If you subscribe to a channel, and click the bell to get notifications when new videos are posted, you’re teaching the robots that this channel is worth recommending to others!

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Nights Around a Table YouTube subscribe and bell button locations

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To those YouTube robots, engagement is engagement. Clicking the thumbs-up button is just as good as clicking the thumbs-down button – to the robots, it just means people care enough about the content to respond to it. It’s the same story if you leave a comment: that tells the robots that you care enough to say something, so they’ll be more likely to recommend Nights Around a Table to others.

These are the places where you can engage with one of our videos:

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We try to spread out across as many social media platforms as possible. Here’s how to sync up with Nights Around a Table on the platform of your choice:


Support our Patreon campaign!

You can make either a one-time donation or an ongoing monthly contribution to the channel through Patreon. Monthly backers get awesome perks! The backer community is growing. We like to hang out and talk about board games on the NAaT chat server.

Buy literally anything on Amazon!

Another way you can help is buy buying something for yourself on Amazon, after clicking our affiliate link below. We’ll get a small commission on anything you buy – even non-board game stuff!

Nights Around a Table tiny hands finger puppets on Amazon

Start with this set of tiny hands finger puppet hands for your hands’ fingers!

(As seen in How to Play Race for the Galaxy and How to Play Codenames!)

If you want to build your own studio to start your own YouTube video channel, check out my affiliate link-riddled post 5 Secrets of Nights Around a Table, where i list all of the equipment i use. Mmm! Pseudo-professional!

Thank you for all your support!

Did you do any of the things listed above? From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your support. It may sound trite or trivial, but every little click matters! Thanks for contributing to the success of this creative endeavour i’ve taken on. The more successful it is, the more fun and interesting stuff i can create for your enjoyment!