There’s just no ignoring that title, is there? Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town was on my list of games to check out at GenCON 2022. i went to the show, and had a chance to play a friend’s copy while i was there. i thought it would make a great addition to our Frights Around a Table schedule that Hallowe’en, so i requested a copy and (now AllPlay) obliged.

And then, in true Ryan fashion, i made a terrible mistake. As Mayor, you can configure Ghost Town however you like, but i decided to stick with the game’s supplied maps to ensure i didn’t mess anything up. There were two provided maps for a 2-player game: easy, and not-so-easy. True to form, i chose the more difficult map. What unfolds is an increasingly desperate session where my poor first-time family members flounder frustratedly until some thankless ghost finally receives his God-forsaken, stone cold pizza.

Get Your Own Copy of Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town

i’m sure you can do better than we did. Psychich Pizza Deliverers is a game that my mind keeps wandering back to, perhaps because both times i’ve played, i’ve been the Mayor, and i haven’t had an opportunity to bump against fences in a futile search for fast food. If you want to add this unsual, asymmetric deduction game to your own collection, click on the link below and Nights Around a Table will receive a small commission.