Carlie just jumped on the Nights Around the Table train at the Medici level! i don’t know a single thing about her, but i strongly suspect she either does or does not own a dog. So here is a poem about her dog.

On the Merits of Avoiding Off-Leash Parks

Carlie has a giant dog

She calls him “Cromch-Your-Face”

and if you turn and run from him

the beast will then give chase.

He’ll hunt you over field and fen

before he brings you down

and Carlie will just laugh and laugh

as doggie goes to town.

But when you fin’lly right yourself

and find you’re in one piece,

you’ll stand and look in shocked surprise

at her “ferocious” beast.

Then Carlie’s laugh will ring out clear

“You took off rather hasty!

I said ‘sic!’ But he just licks.

I think he finds you tasty.”

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