Some board games sit on my shelf for a very long time, before finally seeing a splinter of sunshine… or, in this case, a shard of darkness. It’s hard to entice people to play a board game with the promise of feeling afraid and stressed out while we play. But our Frights Around a Table Hallowe’en schedule provided just the impetus we needed to delve into Mansions of Madness Second Edition, where we banged around a seaside hotel overrun with people who had been entirely too friendly with the local fish, if you knowhutimsaying.

They had sex with them. They had sex with the fish. That’s what i’m saying.

Get Your Own Copy of Mansions of Madness: Second Edition

If you like the idea of adding a non-high fantasy dungeon crawler board game to your collection, and you don’t mind that it’s app-assisted, shop for your copy of Mansions of Madness using the Amazon link below, and we’ll receive a small commission. There’s a whole pile of additional content available for the game, both hardware and software, with the physical boxes bringing more map tiles and monsters, and the app adding more spooky cases to crack.