Board games published by Eagle-Gryphon Games have great production values, but inserts that fall just short of the mark. Thankfully, helpful designers have stepped in to close the gap by uploading free 3d printable solutions on, but they don’t always make the most tasteful font decisions. Here’s how i stripped an On Mars insert from Thingiverse of its less-than-stellar font work, and how to apply your own lettering to a downloaded stl file using Blender (as demonstrated with my minor Praga Caput Regni modification).

Download the Files

Here are all the Thingiverse files mentioned in the episode:

Get your own copy of On Mars

Picky little problems with the insert notwithstanding, On Mars is a great game to have in your collection if you like slow-burn brain melters. Grab your copy from the link below, and the channel will receive a small commission to keep bringing you more Bits, Please! episodes: