You might not get a sense of whether i like a game just by virtue of the fact that i’ve talked about it, or even made a How to Play video for it. But in the case of Lost Ruins of Arnak, my verdict is in: from the moment i unboxed it, i loved this game! i love it so much that i developed an entire side hobby just to 3d print a custom insert for it, and i extolled its many virtues in a Find the Fun episode. (i did have one minor qualm with the game, which i discussed in this Tales from the Table article.) This is the first of multiple playthrus where Cheryl and i get our gubby mitts all over the game’s first expansion, Expedition Leaders.

Get your own copy of Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders

Our copy of Lost Ruins of Arnak was supplied to us by Czech Games Edition, but the moment this expansion was available, i ran out to the store after inclement weather and climbed over a giant snowbank just to get my hands on it…. like an explorer. Shop for your copy on Amazon from the comfort of your own home. Your price will remain the same, and we’ll receive a small commission to help the channel grow!