You’ve seen How to Play A Feast for Odin, you’ve watched Dave and me do a playthru, and now you’re wondering how we put it all back in the box in under two hours. Here’s the solution: a 3D printable insert on Thingiverse designed by Cnpeters and modified by Stinkfoot71 that purports to hold A Feast for Odin, The Norwegians, and (with the help of a few more remixes) the game’s various mini-expansions. Have i died and gone to Valhalla?

Get your own copy of A Feast for Odin

This amazing insert is, blessedly, free. But there’s no point in printing it if you don’t already own the game. Shop for your own copy of A Feast for Odin (my favourite Uwe Rosenberg game) and Nights Around a Table will receive a small commission.

A Feast for Odin

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