There’s so flippin’ much going on in the Anachrony: Infinity Box that it feels like it’s taken my infinity years just to unpack it all. Hopefully you’ve seen my How to Play Anachrony video, which is prerequisite viewing for the playthru below. i’ve also reboxed the game with the help of the seven page reboxing manual.

Here, i straddle two play sessions while tackling Chronossus, the solo robot that enhances the original game’s Chronobot enemy. The whole thing went much more smoothly than my duel with Trickerion: Dahlgaard’s Heir, another solo Mindclash Games robot “programmed” by known punk and neighbourhood menace Dávid Turczi, who has earned a name for himself both for his solo modes, and for trampling Missus McGillicuddy’s peonies.

Get Your Own Copy of Anachrony

At the time of this post, Anachrony may be a little tough to find in game stores. Your best bet is to make a late pledge for Voidfall, the company’s upcoming 4x sci fi game. Many of the company’s past games including Cerebria, Anachrony, and the exquisite Trickerion: Collector’s Edition are available through that method.