There’s a board game so complicated that i can only reliably play it on my birthday. And my birthday it was, so i set up Trickerion and played through the oft-requested solo mode, Dahlgaard’s Heir. There was birthday tomfoolery. It took 8 hours. i hope you’re pleased with yourselves.

Get Your Own Copy of Trickerion: Legends of Illusion

Trickerion lives up to its “legendary” moniker, as i hope the video shows. The version i played is the super fancy bells-and-whistles Collector’s Edition, which you can potentially still snag if you hop on to one of Mindclash Games’s Kickstarter campaigns for their new stuff, like Voidfall. If you’re not sure you want to sign up for all of its insanity at once, consider buying the base game using the Amazon link below. Your price will remain the same, and i’ll receive some birthday pennies as a commission!