At this point, it almost feels like i have more pirate-themed board games than there are pirate-themed board games…. like i’ve opened some sort of wormhole into multiple other dimensions, and have bought all the crappy pirate-themed board games that exist there, too. My expectations here were low, but i came away being surprised more than once, for various reasons…

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Yoho! i mean… i’m sure you’re a very nice person. It be Ryan from Nights Around a Table. Uh… how big… (urng!) How big is your pirate board game collection? i’d like to know, because mine’s getting rather ridiculous, and it’s ridiculous because pirate themed board games… aren’t good. (laughs) They’re they’re largely terrible! And this one’s called A Tale of Pirates, and to be perfectly frank with you, i don’t expect this one to be very good at all! But you know what? Ehhhh… i can’t stop buyin’ em! i don’t know what it is. i think it’s my obsession with The Secret of Monkey Island. i love cartoon pirate themed things, even though they disappoint time and time again. i actually… i have so many pirate themed board games, i bought this hat and this eye patch so that i could make videos about them, just because i thought “Man, that’s a good investment!” i’ve got, like.. i was about to say 50. it’s not 50. It’s more like probably 10 or 12. But that’s a lot! That’s a lot for a board game collection, when some people only have 10 or 12 games in their entire collection! i’ve got 10 or 12 dozen pirate ones. Anyway, uh, this game comes to me, uh, through… i bought through Board Game Bliss, because they had it on sale, and i put it in my cart and i let it sit there, and it lapsed, and a week went by, and they were all out, and i was very disappointed. And then… i still… still have the pirate in me voice… then a couple weeks later, i checked again, and they were back in stock and it was still on sale! So i jumped at it because i thought that this would be the kind of game… now, let’s look at the back of the box. “Cooperative play.” Already, boo! Stinker! Who cares? i don’t like cooperative games at all! Not in the least! So why did i even buy this one? Well, i thought… one thing about it is that you build a gigantic, uh, cardboard pirate ship, and that’s what the game comprises, and i thought… i’m i’m headed towards doing streams, very eventually. There’s… there’s a… there’s a progression on this channel that i’m going to follow: first of all i would like to nail the tech for these unboxing videos, because i’ll have you know, this is the third game that i’ve unboxed, and the first two games… it sucks. You can’t redo an unboxing. Once that genie is out of the bottle, you can’t re-unbox a game. So if you mess it up, technically, which i am wont to do, that’s it! The whole video is scrapped. And i have now unboxed TWO games and have scrapped both videos because of technical problems. The first one the the video was bad! It was, like, at two frames a second, and i thought “i’ll nail it the next one!” The next one, the video was beautiful. The audio was terrible. So… i spent some time in the last video mentioning that i do have a Patreon account, and what i did with some of the Patreon funds, uh, recently was i purchased a second-hand desktop computer, so… that had sort of like a beefy video card and double the amount of ram that my… my laptop does, so hopefully these unboxings will get a little bit better and work better, but i’ve already thrown two in the garbage, so who knows? But i mention all that, uh, to say that the progression of this channel is going to go from this setup being technically reliable… still working on that, and have been for months… and then after that, i’m going to shoot canned playthroughs, and then once i get super comfortable with that i’m going to move on to streaming stuff, and i have some really exciting ideas for what to stream. But i thought that once i get to that point, once i’m streaming stuff, this… if you were scrolling uh through your feed in Facebook or on Twitch or wherever you find streams, and you saw this thing in the video, uh, you might stop. It might give you a pause. You know, it’s not quite the same as a pretty 20-something year old girl in bunny ears, but it’s maybe, like, one step down from that. Maybe bunny ears.. you watch her for a bit, and then you go and you watch this big crazy pirate ship set up on the table, and stuff’s happening, and there’s timers, and my family and i would be playing it. i think it’s a real-time game because there’s timers, and it reminds me of that other board game Kitchen Rush, which is sort of like a board game version of Overcooked, if you’ve ever played Overcooked, and Overcooked goes back and has a – you know – a lineage as well. So here we are! i’m going to finally unbox it, and we’ll see what’s inside. We’ll see how easy it is to put together that ship. i predict it will be super mega easy. Oh! Whoa, whoa… scrapin’ the box. You would think with all the practice i had doing this, i’d just be, like, board game unboxing ninja! What were the other two board games that i unboxed unsuccessfully, you ask? Well, i think i may… Oh my Gwod! Did you hear that box fawht? That had to be… you goys… that had to be a box fawht of at least five… i’m gonna go SIX! Holy cow! That is the biggest box fart that we’ve had on this channel since… the history of the Box Fart-O-Meter! i don’t even know if i have a graphic that goes up to six! i’m gonna have to make one! Whoo! That didn’t disappoint at all! Maybe it’s like the less i care about the game, the more it wants to give to me to get my attention! Like, “Hey, listen to me! BRAAEEHTT!” Um… on the subject of box farts, if you have a box that makes a horribly dirty noise, and you’d like to share it with the world, i’m working on a box fart compilation. Film your box doing its nasty thang, and send me that video, and give me permission to use it. i’ll put it in a compilation. We’ll have a good time. Great! Down to this. i’m in a way better mood already! i wasted two videos, but look at this! i got a smile on my face now! Thanks to that box fart. Ahh. Box farts, they can really… they can bring us together, can’t they? …Can’t they? i don’t know. Uh… very, very skimpy thin rule book. There’s not much to this game. It’s meant to be fannly… family friendly, so i wouldn’t expect to see anything less, and – you know – on many pages, it has massive print! So… alright. Cool. That’s, uh… the rulebook, and here’s a little introductory guide that they have, which runs a couple more pages. This kind of looks like a little bit of a cheat, to be honest, and like usually, these rule books run around – i don’t know – between 12 and 24 pages, so this is, like, “Oh, look: it’s only eight pages! (from the side of his mouth) But then we have, like, a kickstart guide that’s also eight pages!” So really, it’s a 16 page rulebook, let’s be honest. Uh, yes. And lots of things to punch out. Now the box is very quick to point out that this is… this is not a toy, right, because that all goes down to types of testing that board game publishers pay for, and whatever, but i think the idea is don’t just pass this to your three-year-old and expect them to soothe their teething on it. Right. So this looks like the main deck of the ship and there’s a couple little holes to punch out here, and a little hole here. So these holes i think are where the… the… the egg timers go. Oh, wait: it’s not the main deck of the ship. THIS looks like the main deck of the ship. There are hearts here…? This is, like… what? Life? Hitpoints? i don’t even know! That’s kind of crazy. And yeah, this… so the – you know – the main deck pops up nicely. Good thick sturdy card. Nothing wrong with that. And where the cannons go is where i expect the timers to go. i should have checked – i don’t even know if this is made by the same people as the publishers who did Kitchen Rush, but it looks like a very similar idea. i don’t know if i’m gonna be able to pop this whole thing out and build it right before your eyes, because i get a little bit nervous when people are watching me doing things. That’s when i start fumbling and making mistakes. Uh… and i don’t know how exciting that would be to just… maybe i’ll… maybe… you know what? i’ll punch a bunch of things out, and then i will timelapse/ speed motion it so that you can see me put it together in a less boring fashion/ Great. There’s that. Here are some other pieces of the ship: that big mainsail that has the weird notches in it that maybe hold the hearts? i don’t know. We’ll see in a sec. Aaand… a sail piece, and uh… and uh… this piece. Maybe that’s a crow’s nest? i don’t even know. i didn’t look closely enough, but they all pop out nicely. No surprises there. Righto. Righto! Well we’ll save that for the timelapse in a second. Oh… holy cow! A big… first of all, the first thing i notice is a rather uh nice insert! Look: they’ve… they’ve thought of everything! The die goes in there. Very nice! The stuff goes in here. i guess they got a big cardboard ship, so you need a place to put that big cardboard ship, and look: here’s the outline of your big cardboard ship, where your big cardboard ship goes. Some tiles go there. i don’t know. Does this fit there? Oh, it does beautifully. So it looks like this is all gonna disassemble and fit in the insert very nicely. Thank you for making an insert. That would be way better than just chucking it in and sloshing around. But… oh! i didn’t expect that at all! i didn’t expect there to be campaigny things in here, and look! i don’t think we’re allowed to look at this, but there’s some sort of token in there… oh, i think that’s the one of the hourglass… one of the sand timers in there, uh… but is… is this like… “Oh! It’s… it’s an eight-page rule book with another eight-page supplement, and then if you like… like MORE rules in OTHER cards…” i don’t know if they’re introducing mechanics through these packs, or what’s happening? i don’t think i’m allowed to open any of them, i would not assume? But i’m going to open… i don’t know! Am i allowed to open them? Let’s check the rulebook real quick: “Introductory…” Okay. i’m gonna speed read this for you here… “Take the whole blah blah blah… build the ship…” Good. You’ll see that in a second. “Overview…” Uh… “Doo doo doot… choose a chapter… at the beginning of the game, you can select only the first island…” Oh, there’s a whole map that we haven’t seen… Wait! Is there an app with this? No. …there IS! Oh my goodness! i didn’t even know that this was an app thing! Look: you gotta download… you gotta download this app, and hit play, and then choose a chapter, and wow! i did not expect anything remotely like that! i don’t even know. See, this is how little i know about this game. i just saw cartoon pirates, big giant ship in the middle of the table, and i was like “i’m in! i’m in! 15 bucks off? Yeah! Take my money!” Uh… yes. Wow, okay. Well. Super surprising. So i don’t even know… i don’t even know if i’m going to open… oh, maybe i… you know what? Let’s throw caution to the w… i don’t know. No! i don’t think i should, because look: there’s a whole, like, blackout thing here so you can’t see the back, the card, when you flip the deck. No – you know what?i’m not going to ruin this for anybody, including me. We’re not going to open that, but i will… i will put the ship together, so here we go. Let’s speed this up. (chipmunk rustling noises) And there you have it! That was a piece of cake to put together. It’s basically a box. No problem. And it’s kind of cool, because the mast… i wondered how it would do this… the mast pokes out a little bit at the bottom, so it makes the boat able to pivot and spin like that, because i think that you are pointing it to different places…? Yes. And i heard – you know what? – i heard there’s there’s… there’s stuff underneath here, and i don’t know if that’s supposed to be a big secret surprise or what, but i’m gonna lift up the insert… oh, yeah. Here’s all the other stuff. You ARE supposed to do… i think it is… right. So here are the… here are the mappity pieces from the bottom. Kind of hard to get at. There’s no finger holes. Well there IS a finger hole, but this little jerk is plugging it up. There we go. Right. So you puzzle piece these bits together: southeast, north, northeast, (jolly scatting) south, southeast, northwest, shazaamity… southwest, south, and southeast. Look at that! Love a game that puzzle pieces together! And then the boat goes in here somewhere, like that, and it spins around and has to point different places, and then cards go over here. And cards… let’s see what we’ve got left in the box. We’ve got this package of egg timers in four different colours that fit… yeah, you’re gonna wanna to see that, aren’tcha? i know what you came for. You’re like “Yeah! Show me the egg timers!” Alright. You know, they go… was that worth it? All that way? And then interesting wooden dowels that also look like they fit in those holes, and some black… four black dowel markers. Lots of secrets and mysteries in this game. Man, i didn’t expect to be surprised by anything in this box, but i completely was! Uh… um… i wish i could tell you i’m super excited to play it, but that… that “cooperative” word on the back of the box has still kind of turned me off. Um, but have you played this game? Uh… or have you played Kitchen Rush? i’d like to know your opinions on, both or either. If you played both, definitely hit those comments and tell me what you think of… of both of them, and if you think that they’re worth your time or interest, if you would stop scrolling, or if you’d bypass a cute 20 year old in bunny ears to watch a middle-aged guy and his family play this game together. i don’t know! Let me know! If you want to let me know in person, check out the Discord link at the bottom of the screen. You can join us there any time, and talk to us about board games, and we’ll be happy to hear it! So i hope to see you there. Thank you so much for watching this one, and we’ll catch you next time. [Music – Board Game Boogie by Ryan Henson Creighton] Did you just watch that whole thing? Oh – hey! 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