There’s royalty in our midst! Aaron has just backed at the King Me level, which means i need to dramatically increase my courtly grovelling and “yes, Sire”s in all future missives.

Although i know absolutely zilcho about him, i have written a poem about that bizarre episode in Aaron’s life that i’m pretty sure actually happened. i’ll let him confirm or deny.

Sorta Like Samson

Aaron had a fingernail

that grew eight inches long

and right around the same darned time

he grew extremely strong.

He’d hoist large boulders, cars, and cows

like they were light as vapours

He’d spin schoolbuses o’er his head,

and bench-press small skyscrapers.

But then he bit his nail down short

We were so sad to hear it!

His strength had left; we were bereft

He couldn’t lift our spirits.

Sorry for that downbeat ending, but that’s exactly how it happened.

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