Talk Like a Pirate Day on NAaT

Ahoy, me buckos! Settle your bumbags here for a spell and celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day,  featuring all the pirate board game content Nights Around a Table has ever churned out. 

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Ryan boasts of his extensive pirate board game collection while unboxing A Tale of Pirates, which revolves around a 3d cardboard pirate galleon.

Here’s a short about how losing Pirates Cove left a hole in my heart, and regaining it filled that hole with hot trash.

Nights Around a Table - Pirates Cove
Nights Around a Table - Merchants & Marauders Find the Fun board game thumbnail

Ryan reviews his (then) favourite pirate board game Merchants & Marauders, and then goes on a tear covering every other pirate board game in his collection.

Assured by his top Patreon supporter that Merchants & Marauders offered an unparalleled solo mode, Ryan embarks on a lonely mission into the Caribbean. It does not end well. But it does end quickly.

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Nights Around a Table - How to play Dead Reckoning pirate board game video thumbnail

A new pirate game enters the fray! Dead Reckoning promises 4x sandbox pirate gameplay with customizable cards. Here’s how to play.

Paul Grogan invites Ryan and designer John D. Clair to play Dead Reckoning remotely on the Gaming Rules! livestream. The catch? Ryan no longer has a physical copy.

Nights Around a Table - Dead Reckoning live playthrough on Gaming Rules!
Nights Around a Table - How to play Sea of Legends on Rahdo Runs Through

Over on Rahdo Runs Through, Ryan covers how to play Sea of Legends.

Ryan and Cheryl tackle the Spanish, the Atlantean Usurpers, and the new French faction from the Vengeance of the Empires expansion in a full playthru of  Sea of Legends.

Nights Around a Table - Sea of Legends playthru video thumbnail
Nights Around a Table - Tales from the Table blog

Come chat with Ryan!

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