Uwe Rosenberg Month on Nights Around a Table sees Ryan and Cheryl tackling Uwe’s follow-up to Agricola, a port-themed supply chain management game called Le Havre.

Get Your Own Copy of Le Havre

Though it’s the first spiritual successor to Agricola, Le Havre isn’t the last. Uwe later released Caverna, a kinder and gentler fantasy-themed take on Agricola. The similarities between Agricola and Caverna abound, but there’s less of a link with Le Havre. If you like Agricola but wish it was cuddlier (to the point of adding a tile called “the Cuddle Room”), check out Caverna. If the nautical theme of Le Havre grips you, shop for your own copy using the Amazon link below. Your price remains the same, and we’ll get a small commission to keep the channel running!