When some players found his earlier farming game Agricola too unforgiving, board game designer Uwe Rosenberg threw them a bone with this kinder, gentler farming game about dwarfs, which adds mining, along with animals that have different abilities (including dogs!). Check out the quick synopsis below, or watch our How to Play Caverna: The Cave Farmers video for the complete rules.

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Hi! It’s Ryan from Nights Around a Table, and this is Caverna: The Cave Farmers, a fantasy farming and mining worker placement game for 1-7 players. Here’s The Deal.

You and your friends play a dwarf couple who have built a cozy little home in the mouth in a cave next to a forest, and who want to start farming and mining to grow rich and bountiful.

You’ll clear cut the forest outside to grow crops and raise livestock, while strip mining the inside of the mountain to discover valuable ore and precious rubies. You can hollow out caverns and furnish the inside of your cave with more bedrooms to house your offspring, or with other types of rooms to give you an edge over your competition. You can even forge powerful weapons that let you lead looting expeditions to bring home more goodies. At the end of the game, you’ll lose points for any farm or cave space you didn’t use, any animal type you didn’t raise, and any family member you didn’t feed. But you’ll gain points for your animals, rubies, rooms, and crops, all of which you’ll liquidate into pure, sold ngyoLLD!! At the end of the game, whichever dwarf has amassed the most gold points, wins!

Well, does it sound interesting? If you want to learn more about the rules of the game, click the link at the end of this video or in the description below to watch my complete How to Play video, which includes the overview segment you just watched. And if you like what i’m doing, click the badge to subscribe, and the bell to get notifications. And now, we dance!

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