Back when it was announced, i gave you 5 Reasons You Should Be Excited for Voidfall. Now that it’s here, i’ll give you one reason to be less excited: the box, predictably, takes a few hours to organize.

And it’s always difficult to sort through pieces of a game you’ve never played before, and know very little about. Here, i was determined to take my time, and to tell a few fun stories while i went about the task of rehoming the bazillion bits in the box.

All in all, this is a very good insert for the game. Mindclash has learned their lesson from previous games (cough Trickerion), and has included a very handy exploded view of the box and where everything fits in the trays, a practice they began with Anachrony that has carried through Perseverence Episodes 1 & 2. Word on the street is that their Septima box is even easier to re-seat. Despite these strides, i do have a few quibbles with Voidfall:

  • That deep-dish clear layer that holds the heavy triple-layer player boards is prone to cracking (and indeed, mine was cracked before i ever laid hands on it)
  • The 14 faction boxes are absurdly opaque (despite being completely transparent). Setting up the game requires you to either pull out a pair of technology card stacks, and/or a certain faction’s setup or “fallen house” card. The faction boxes are organized so that you can only see either the technology names OR the faction names, and you can’t see EITHER unless you fish through each of the 14 faction boxes one by one. The stack desperately needs exterior labelling along the sides telling you the faction name, and the two technologies that go with it.

That said, i have played the game twice now. The first time, Cheryl and i played through the tutorial during a local board game con. We took our sweet time and made it through in about seven hours.

The second time, channel supporter Omelet and i played through the first 2-player competitive scenario, and had a blast. i am happy to report that the game is very fun! It took us about 3- 3/12 hours (setup and teach not included).

Get Your Own Copy of Voidfall

If your friendly local game store was on the ball, they ordered copies of Voidfall from the crowdfunding campaign. If not, watch for overstock on the Mindclash Games webshop.