Reworld seemed like a bargain of a board game at ten bucks, but was it? Here’s what i found inside the box for what appeared to be a perfectly capable production from publisher eggertspiele.

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Hi! It’s Ryan from Nights Around a Table, and this is a game called Reworld that i’m going to unbox for you today. “Why,” you ask, do i have a copy of Reworld on my table? Is it because i’m a fan of the designer? No. Is it because i love the artist? That’s not it either. Is it because it’s sci-fi? Bwuh… possibly. Is it because they were selling it brand new in shrink for $10 at my friendly local game store? Yeah! They had tons of these, and they were selling it at a massive discount so of course i’m all about it, and really, the one thing that tipped the scales for me, i think, is because it was by eggertspiele. i don’t know if that’s how you say eggertspiele, but they’re the people who did (gears turning) Great Western Trail, which… i enjoyed Great Western Trail. It’s… it’s too long, in my opinion but nice publishing work on it. It’s a good-looking game. Nice components. Obviously, it was playtested out the wazoo, because it’s a very complex game. So i trust – i’m beginning to trust this name, eggertspiele. i’m not beginning to be able to pronounce the name, but i trust. So, let’s pop into this one. This is a… interestingly, i like the way the back of the box just really clearly laid out what this game is. It’s a two phase game, and i know of a few other two phase games. i know Jaws, which hit last year, is a two phase game where phase one, you’re running around the island doing islandy things, and in phase two, the shark attacks. And i know that Galaxy Trucker is a two phase game. In phase one, you’re building your ship, and in phase two, you’re trying to drive it to see what happens. i’ve never played that game, but i know that’s what goes on. Fairly confident. And then the same guy… Vlad the Impaler…(?) he also designed Space Alert, which i do own. That’s a two phase game where in phase one, you’re programming moves to repel bad mojo that’s affecting your spaceship, and then sort of in phase two is the unpacking, where you actually find out if the moves you programmed worked or not to save your hides. Reworld is a two phase game where in phase one, you’re loading up the ship with all kinds of modules that you will unpack on the planet that you’re reaching to colonize it. It’s a big theme now in board games, isn’t it? Colonizing planets? It’s huge. And in phase 2, you’re unpacking all those things that you stuffed on the ship in reverse order. Cool! Let’s open it. Box Fart-O-Meter: zero. Box farts engineered out for your safety. Whoa! i was like his “is this game in French? Is that why it was $10?” “Un jeu de deux chapters…” i can’t it in French. Took, like, 11 years of French, and i still can… no, no, no. i’m in Canada, so i think a requirement in certain products is that there’s a French version. There we go: “a board game in two chapters by Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling.” Two to four players. Big rulebook, but not a thick rulebook. Lots of visual examples. It’s a very bland looking game. Now that was one thing: i mean, i like my sci-fi, but i like it colorful, so i’ll go for something like Tiny Epic Galaxies before i reach for something like Eclipse, because Eclipse is just literally Fifty Shades of Grey (although maybe not quite as exciting as that particular property) and Tiny Epic Galaxies is – you know – really, really colorful and nice. Sci-fi doesn’t have to be bland, in my opinion. Here’s a big triple sheet of things to punch out. Over here, we have things – oh, look: it’s punching itself – we have things, and then on the next sheet we have more things… looks like spaceships that we’re going to load up with those modules. Fun. And over here, we have… hmm! Those look like droids, almost. Oh – cool. And there’s little… little tags for when you actually Colonize. Look: New Brisbane, New Boston, New Berlin, new Atlanta… that’s kind of neat. i… the spaceship thing… this is interesting, too: i watch a lot of sci-fi, and the spaceships are always… they always have something interesting… they’re always streamline, and they’re always patterned after boats, or after planes or stuff. i thought it would be really cool… like, do they need to be that… i don’t know… i’m not a big science mind. Do they need to be aerodynamic in space? Does it matter? i’m surprised that we haven’t seen sci-fi where the spaceships are shaped like… like apartment buildings? i dunno, like… why not? Why can’t they be shaped like weird stuff? i like the Heart of Gold design in the latest Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie, even though it was not a very good movie, but it’s just a big… looks like a… boob. And i kind of look like a boob. i AM a boob. Here we go. Here’s the board. It’s a very wide board. Buy a new table. And here’s what it looks like (spaceship mouth noise) Brrrzzzzzt… It’s like the opening shot in Star Wars. If we do it 50 more times, it’s like the opening shot in Spacebells. (indiscriminate scatting) That’s the board. Score tracker going around the outside. Aaand… i’m giving this ten dollars worth of effort, this video. i hope you’re giving it ten dollars worth of effort watching it. Yes, more things to punch out. i don’t know what these are, but they say things. “Pyramid Ltd.,” and “Bag End Builders.” There’s another thing – that’s another trend. i think terraforming Mars probably started this, but when you are colonizing a planet, there have to be corporations involved. It can’t just be for the good of humanity. It’s got to be corporations. So there’s some corporations that are mentioned, and more little spaceshippy/droidy things on another punch card to punch out. There’s a deck of cards, with maybe… probably about 50 th… yeah. 50 thousand cards are in there, and they say “one” on the back? Do all of them say one? They do all say “one” on the back, and on the front, there are pictures of… pipples. There’s a pipple. There’s another pipple. Oh… ouch. i dunno. Not my favorite portraiture of all time. It reminds me a little bit of the quality (OR LACK THEREOF) the illustration in Race for the Galaxy. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s not… honestly, not spectacular. i mean, if i sat for a portrait and it came out like that, i might ask for my money back? But you don’t know what the situation is. The publisher may have said “Go! Do… do 50 portraiture paintings, and you have a a week and a half!” Oh you know. You don’t know the economic pressures that artist was facing. Mmm couple of baggies, couple of wood markers, and a drawstring bag that draws… mm… agh… hungh! … from the side. And the well. The detested boardgame box well. “Here, kid: dump your crap in there.” i don’t know if there are enough bags to fit all the stuff that i just showed you. That’s another pet peeve of mine, where it’s like “we will give you bags, but they won’t be enough, and three of them will be too small.” It’s like “do you not know what’s in the box? Because you put it in there.” That is Reworld unboxing! Thank you so much for watching it. As usual, i’ll get it to the table, i’ll learn how to play, and i’ll do a How to Play anon, down the road. Watch out for that! Have a great day. [Music – Board Game Boogie by Ryan Henson Creighton] Did you just watch that whole thing? Oh – hey! To 100% this video, click the badge to subscribe, and then click the bell to get notifications when i’ve got new stuff! [Music – Board Game Boogie by Ryan Henson Creighton]

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