Some niche, hobbyist board games escape the orbit of obscurity and are heard of in less specialized circles, and Scythe is one of these crossover games. Watch this video for a quick glimpse of what the game is all about. For a longer look at the rules of the game, watch my How to Play Scythe video.

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Hi! It’s Ryan from Nights Around a Table, and this is Scythe, an area control/ economic farming war game for 1-5 players. Here’s The Deal.

You and your friends play factions from different countries in the 1920’s in an alternate timeline where World War I was fought with giant mechanical war machines. Scythe was inspired by these paintings by Jakub Rozalski, who also illustrated the game. You’ll be moving across war-torn Europe as its peasants are busy bending their swords into ploughshares; the peasants generate resources for you that you can use to resurrect your country’s war machines and fight for dominance against the other factions. Once one player knocks enough milestones off this list, the game ends, and whoever has earned the most money, from a combination of achievements, area control, and resource generation, wins.

And now you’re ready to play! If you’d like to know more about how to play, click the link at the end of this video or in the description below to watch my complete How to Play video, which includes the setup segment you just watched. And if you like what i’m doing, click the badge to subscribe, and the bell to get notifications. And now, we dance!


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