The fine folks at Czech Games Edition were kind enough to send along a copy of Dungeon Petz, which i was all too keen to open. What i found inside… shocked my to my very core. Or, at leastif not to my very core, maybe  one or two layers deep. Like, well on the way to my core.

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Hi! It’s Ryan from Nights Around a Table. i’ve got a copy of Dungeon Petz provided to me generously by the lovely lads and lasses at Czech Games Edition. As usual, i know nothing about the game, but i did request it, because i thought – you know what? Here’s why i requested it: i went to a con in my hometown, Oshawa, two years ago, called Board Game Con, and some people were playing it, and there were lots of bits on the table and it looked complicated, and i asked a guy “Hey, is the game any good? How are you liking it?” And he looked up at me and he was, like, kind of pale and sweaty, and he’s like “I think I’m finally getting the hang of it.” i said “Cool! How long have you playing? He’s like “Three hours!” And i walked away thinking… that sounds like my kind of game! i don’t know what’s wrong with me. i don’t know! i like complexity. i don’t know why nobody else i know likes complexity. Nobody i try to play with likes complexity. They like simple games, so i’m hurting myself by getting complex games. i can’t explain it. i don’t follow publishers or designers, but i noticed that this one is designed by Vlaada Chvatil, and i think now i’m starting to pay attention. He is one of the designers who is most represented in my board game collection. What do i have by Vlaada? i have Codenames, and i have Space Alert, and i have Mage Knight… one, two, three, four… that’s four games, anyway. Yeah, i think i have more games by Vlaada Chvatil… oh god what’s the drawing game he did? Not Pictureka, but the one with the dragon on it…? And by the time i’m editing the video, i’ll put the graphic of the actual game i’m trying to think of up there. Vlaada Chvatil. Maybe that means i like his games? i don’t know! This one is a sequel? Spiritual successor? Something in the same series as – not an expansion to, i don’t believe… i hope not… but a follow-up to Dungeon Lords, which i also haven’t played. Why was i interested in Dungeon Petz over Dungeon Lords? i like petz more than lords, i guess? i dunno how to explain that. But this has the same demented, or similar demented artwork as in Alchemists. i don’t know if it’s the same artist because i did not check that beforehand. That was not a Czech Games joke by the way. i just noticed as i said “check” that it said “made in the Czech Republic.” i didn’t check it beforehand, but again, when i’m editing, i’ll check it out. Is it the same artist as Alchemists? Survey says: (ding!) i don’t know if i’m right or not. i’ll find out later. You’ll know immediately. Stop talking, Ryan. Just open the game! In Dungeon Petz, you are… i don’t know. i know so little about this game. Box Fart-O-Meter: 2. Point 5. Mmm… it smells just like Czechoslovakia. i don’t know what that smells like. But it smells very hot-off-the-presses printer- inky. Little catalog for other Czech Games Edition games right off the bat. Kind of no insert – just everything just kind of, like, thrown into the box. You can kind of tell when a game was made these days by the attention paid to the inserts, because i find now games are getting a lot better at making nice inserts. If you’ve seen my Unboxing or How to Play of Dice Forge, that has one of the coolest inserts ever. They worry about where everything goes. Then… then a few years back, meh… they didn’t worry so much. Chuck it in the box. Instruction booklet clocks in at… i’ll give you a page count, though i don’t know if a page count is really indicative of… well, yeah. Maybe in this case, it is. It’s a 19 page book. Quite text heavy. A lot of picture examples. That’s fun. But small print, and since it’s the same publishing team, it reminds me a lot of the Alchemists instruction booklet. But it’s not a light game, it doesn’t look like. Nothing to be entered into lightly. What is Dungeon Petz about? It is about… Petz… Next, we have a bag of wood and some unique pieces i’m noticing here that i have not seen in any other game. What is this guy doing? It is a… what IS that? Even? A hunched over moleman? The heck? A bad haircut… i don’t know what that is. It almost reminds me of, like, a mystic or skeksis from the Dark Crystal. No clue! i’m very drawn by whatever this is. These look like clasps that go on either side of… i’m gonna guess spinners? They’re spinner clasps? i don’t even know! Lots of other wood. Tubes and discs and things in various colors, making me think that they’re resources. Check this out! Wow! these are injection-molded? i mean, i don’t know my manufacturing processes, but these are tiny little gremlin- looking dudes of the same style that you see on the front of the box. These little imp fellows. So they look like these little imps. Their ears are quite pointy. Don’t let the baby play with these. You will have an ex-baby. i don’t mean that the baby’s going to grow up. He will not exist any more. Choking, is what i’m trying to say. i see now the shape of these weird-looking unique meeple things is supposed to be like these gnome-y troll dudes. That’s kind of neat, that they got the artwork to match the wood. i wonder if they cut the wood first, and then had the artist draw, or if the wood’s based on the drawing? Kinda cool. i’m gonna put this little imp back in the bag so don’t lose them. Some shiny darkish semi translucent plastic charcoal-coloured cubes… is that enough adjectives for you? A couple boards.. possibly player boards, reminiscent of Alchemists, although i believe this game came first. There’s a… am i supposed to fold this? i think i am… uhhh…. yep. And then this one folds down. So there’s a secret hidden player screen, and just look at the amount of iconography going on in the back of this player screen! Whoo! …Poo? i think there’s poo in this game! Do we get poo? Maybe the brown cubes are poo. Or the green ones, if you have a problem? i don’t know. They’re monsters. Who knows? But, yeah. Heck. Lots of stuff going on in there. A couple more boards. i’m assuming player boards cuz they’re all similar. This looks like perhaps some sort of market board, or maybe petz leveling up? There are pet… Dungeon Petz is about petz… Alrighgt, so… a deck of cards. Weirdly, it’s in a bag, and it’s not plastic wrapped or anything. Here are the cards. Remind me of the same format as Alchemists. Alchemist is the game that really obviously i’m comparing this to, because it’s the only other significant big box Czech Games Edition game i own. i don’t know .These are all… these all the same? No – they’ve got stuff in the back. Derp. i’m on the wrong side. Let’s get these bowl ones out of here… oh there’s the poop! There’s the poop. And bowl, and whatever you put in the bowl makes the poop, and look: your petz… maybe you can get sick. That’s very sad, if you’ve ever had a sick pet. My pets… you’ve seen my cats if you watched my Cat Lady video – How to Play Cat Lady. My younger cat Pippin constantly tries to eat a needle and thread, and every single time, i’ve seen him go (smack smack smack) and i’m like “Oh my gosh, he’s got thread!” i pull the thread out – “Bleeeuhh” – and this needle comes out at the end of this thread, and every single time he’s done it – like at least twice now – and every single time i see a needle and thread lying around the house (maybe that’s the problem?) and i’m thinking, like, “Oh my God – that – i just saved myself from, like, a $6,000 vet bill. At least!” Here’s the main board. There it is. Lots of weird jazz going on. Gotta be the same artist. That’s got to be the same guy. Those umbrellas look the same as in Alchemists. Neato. Does Alchemists take place in the same universe as this one? It’s weird. i don’t remember seeing any Dungeon Petz in Alchemists. So it’s not spinners… those clasps i don’t think were for spinners. They’re for the petz, and it looks like you clasp together these little things, and they are stats trackers or markers or counters for the different petz that you’re trying to raaise, because as we’ve discussed, Dungeon Petz… in Dungeon Petz, you… Listen to this: a…. prison for petz? Maybe if the petz are naughty? i don’t know. Very bottom: oh! there is some card. Card to punch out. Lots ofdifferent things. Look at this: what is this? This is for your Satanic pet. You got a pentagram on the bottom… evil petz… kind of like my cat, Pippin… Different tokens… There’s so much going on here. Oh my gosh! But this is the kind of thing that makes my brain light up! i love it! i love it! Bring on the icons! More icons! You know, point counters… i guess when you get up past 50 points, you get one of these, kind of thing. Look: this is, like, a playground, maybe, for your petz? So – wait. There’s a playground for your petz, there’s a prison for your petz, and there’s a Satanic electrified pentagram for your pet. They ARE dungeon petz, after all. i don’t think they’re good petz. They might be nasty monsters. Evil petz. Right. i should tell you what the game is about! In Dungeon Petz, you… so that’s all there is to say about Dungeon Petz! That’s my unboxing! As usual, i’m gonna play it, i will make a How to Play Video, possibly a Find the Fun video, to tell you how i liked it after i’ve played it. As for this, thank you for watching! Oh – i should say: in Dungeon Petz, y… [Music – Nights Around a Table Board Game Boogie] Did you just watch that whole thing? Oh – hey! To 100% this video, click the badge to subscribe, and then click the bell to get notifications when i’ve got new stuff! [Music – Nights Around a Table Board Game Boogie]

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