A bizarre selling point on the back of the Village board game box is how the game deals with death. Sounds like a fun Friday night! i delve in and deploy my detective skills, along with some inadvertent racism, to see what’s what.

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Hi! It’s Ryan from Nights Around a Table. This is a game called Village which, as usual, i know absolutely nothing about, but i’m gonna unbox it! Actually, the few things i do know about it are: people compare it to a game called Stone Age all the time, which i didn’t actually buy, because it was sort of early in the run of when i was interested in board games, and people said it was good but simple, and i was like “Nyeahhh… i don’t know if i DO simple.” When people talk about Village, they say it’s like Stone Age, but a little bit more complicated, so i thought “Yeah, ok – maybe i’ll give that a shot.” The other thing that’s interesting about Village, as it tells me on the back of the box, is that your meeples – it’s a worker placement game – and your workers, your meeples, can die in the game which, weirdly to me, is an appealing thing! It’s a theme that’s not often explored realistically – i dunno how realistic it is in THIS game, but it’s not often explored realistically in board games, and i live in constant existential fear! So – fascinating. Sold! You guys sold yourselves a board game. Let’s open it and see what’s inside! Because i have a sickness, i actually bought both expansions to this game as well. They’re in shrink up on my board game shelf, so i’ll get to unboxing those in future videos! (nearly inaudible box fart) i’d say Box Fart-O-Meter is maybe a one. Little bit of audio, not much. Puh! But the smell! (No – just kidding.) It’s fine! It’s fine. Oh – look at this! It’s a – that’s interesting. It looks like a husband and wife design team: a board game by Inka and Markus Brand. Cute! 2-4 players, 12 and up. If any eleven-year-old tries to play this game, apparently he’ll be arrested. So right off the top, we have an instruction booklet. Standard for what i’m expecting. It’s nicely illustrated. It has pictures and text. The text is not too dense (but i am!) and it goes on for (nine, ten, eleven) twelve pages! Pretty standard for what i’m used to. Nice. A pile of cardboard to punch out. Looking pretty nice, too, actually. i think the game is about living in a titular village, getting married, and doing commerce-y things. Buying a house, so it’s like a fantasy game. (chuckles) Are these stickers? These are stickers! Oh, interesting. And the stickers go on your meeples. Meeple stickers. i haven’t seen that in too many other games, and when i have, it’s usually been, like, an add-on. i know Agricola, there’s a whole Goodies box that you can buy that has stickers that you stick on your villager tokens. This is gonna be the board. i’ll check that in just a second. These are the player boards, colour-coded for the four different player colours. And here’s the board. The board is big! The big board is on the table! i can’t get the whole thing in the shot! There it is. Oh, look: here’s the little graveyard for your dead meeples. Looks like, maybe, you can get maaaried, and maybe you can go here and do… purple riiiing thiings, and talk to these geezers at the well. Look at that. It’s lovely. i dunno what’s going on here, but i’m excited to explore it. It’s got this book theme, with the scoring track going around the sides, so it’s not just boring spaces. That’s nice. i like i- i like theme! i like theme, i like artwork. And a little book of life, where you’re earning, presumably, points down in the bottom. It all looks nice. Looks nice. It’s a painterly style. It’s not the greatest artwork i’ve ever seen, of course, but it is – it looks very eurogame artwork. It’s fine. And inside the box, there’s not much of an insert to speak of. We’ve got this – you know – well, and everything – dump everything inside. They’ve given us baggies – thank you for that – into which we put our wooden pieces, different pieces for different player colours, and those pieces include the following: (grunting) THAG GRAB WOOD! They are: small cubes, small meeples (but not in the standard meeple shape – they are a little bit monk-looking), a black one who, i assume – ugh… why did i say that? i was gonna say “i assume it’s the bad guy” NOT BECAUSE HE’S BLACK, but because it’s not a player colour represented on the other boards, so i assume that this is the colour of an adversarial character or a non-player character who takes spots and gets in the way, i assume? i dunno! i dunno. Send complaints to my email address. Uh… super. i’m not that guy, i promise. What else? A black drawstring bag, which i assume is the criminal drawstring bag NO! Meh! (chuckles nervously) and a green drawstring bag, and that is it! That’s all she wrote in the box for Village. Fantastic! Know nothing about the game. As usual, i’ll play it, i will learn it, and i will teach it back to you if you don’t already know how to play, so watch out for that, and thanks for watching this unboxing! Did you just watch that whole thing? Oh – hey! To 100% this video, click the badge to subscribe, then click the bell to get notifications when i’ve got new stuff!

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