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The strong reputation of “bag-buider” Orléans preceded it, even as multiple expansions were released, and the mechanically similar Altiplano divided audiences, and then the Alitplano expansion came out, and TMG re-released Orléans with improved components…! All this, and i hadn’t even played the game yet. Thank goodness for Christmas presents. Here’s my unboxing of Orléans, which may interest you if you have the earlier non-TMG version, or if you want to witness my childlike excitement at opening presents.

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One interesting drawback to the TMG version of Orléans is that a neat solution to sprucing up the game is to encase the workers in coin capsules (you know, the kind that coin collectors use?) The trick is that this improved version uses cardboard so thick that it rules out most of the cheaper coin capsule options, and you’re left with the choice of buying capsules that tally up well over the cost of the game itself, or just leave it alone and hope your worker tokens don’t get wrecked.  Still, this seems like the minor-est of minor problems. Use the Amazon link below to buy your own copy of Orléans, and we’ll receive a small commission. (But it won’t be enough to buy even one of those coin capsules!)

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Grow your economic reach and gather followers in this bag-building game. A game for 2 to 4 players. In medieval Orleans, you will gather followers, establish trade stations, and collect goods and money to gain supremacy. This is a bag building game with many paths to victory and huge replay ability.

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