Jamaica: The Crew is the first expansion to the eye-poppingly gorgeous pirate regatta board game Jamaica. It adds crew members to your ship that give it little perks and advantages as you race the other pirates around the archipelago. Here’s what i found when i opened the ancient bound book of a box:

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Hi! It’s Ryan from Nights Around a Table. This is a game called Jamaica, and i’m going to be unboxing the expansion, called Jamaica: The Crew. Yamayca! This is a GORGEOUS game. This is the – probably one of the most beautiful games in my entire collection, and i think the year that Jamaica came out, it won an award for its artwork, and rightly so! It’s… it’s stunning looking. Look at this, all around the edges. When you open it up, oh my gosh. It looks – on the edge, it has this keyhole, and it looks like you’ve just opened, like, a pirate’s treasure chest full of gold. Oh. My. God. It’s just STUNNING! Stunning looking game. i don’t really like it that much. It’s a race game. You’re racing around these archipelagos in your ships. It’s okay. It’s not complicated enough, i guess, for my tastes. i like more complex games, and Jamaica wasn’t really it. i dunno what i would reach for… if i wanted to play with my kids, i would play Jamaica with them, but my kids don’t like playing board games, so they’re out of the will, and we won’t play this at all. It’s a shame. So why… why, you ask, did i buy the expansion, Jamaica: The Crew? Uh… because i have a disease. But also because i was hoping that maybe The Crew contained elements that would spice up the base game enough to make me want to play it, cuz i hate … i don’t wanna get rid of it. It’s gorgeous. i love LOOKING at it. i don’t want to turf it from my collection, but at the same time, i don’t play it. So i’m hoping that … spend a couple of bucks, and that’s the cure. Possibly not? And the more i’ve heard about this – i haven’t read very much about it – but the more i heaeyred about this, it might not be the case. It might just be more of the same of what i didn’t really enjoy that much. Let’s open it up and find out! Taped to the front, i have a little promo…. eeeeahhh… There it is. Looks lovely. i’m not too sure if it’s the same artist? i didn’t look it up, but right in the edge of it. Like, this one.. the original looked like a chest. This one looks like a cool pirate book. The details are gorgeous. Look at these – it’s got drink stains, like they put a cup of grog on the top of the book. A… a lock? i dunno how plausible that is on a book. Like a lock that size with a … with a hasp that huge. But here, a credit to the artist, Mathieu Leyssenne, and… you know, even the edges of the box look gorgeous. Like, they’ve got – you know – its pages, and he’s even got the binding in there. The whole thing, i mean it’s… production values: off the charts. Let’s open it up! (crinkle crinkle) Huh! They’ve done something here, too, that i saw them first do in – i dunno who did it first, but i saw it first in the Legends of Luma series, where they did something really cool with the UPC code. i think that’s smart and looks neat. But it was really cool in the Legends of Luma series because it just looks like a regular UPC code, and then when you slide the box up, it reveals the artwork and the UPC. i thought that was kinda neat. If you wanna watch THAT video, i’ve got a link in the description below. Inside Yamayca: The Crew, there are some punch tiles off the top already – oh, very very thick. This is about, maybe double the thickness of card that i’m used to in a board game. And stunning artwork. i dunno… yeah, Mathieu Leyssenne. He’d be a French artist. i just like French cartooning. i think they do a really cool job, because their cartoons… they’re really pretty, but there’s something (laughs) there’s something slightly demented about French cartoons. Look at this guy (laughs) He’s amazing. This dude… oh, they’re just fantastic. i love this guy. They’re halfway between, you know, Disney cartoons and then just wild caricatures. Love ’em. Fantastic. Here is the… oh, i was gonna say the instruction book, but no – this is… a bunch of… thin – what are these? Player mats? Posters? What is happening? Player gui…. oh! Ok – these ARE instruction booklets, and they’re in a multitude of different languages, so let’s find the one for Anglais. Das is not das. You are in… “Een karakter inladen…” Dutch? i dunno. This is… “storia…” Also Dutch? i dunno my languages. (laughs) Uh. That’s French. i dunno my languages, but i DO know ‘Murican. i’m not American. i’m Canadian. i speak English. (horrid English accent) The Queen’s English, thank you very much! Recruiting a character! Look! Uh… really quick and easy rules. i think in The Crew you actually recruit crew members for your boat to do different things as you go around the island. What different things? “You may re-roll your own combat die.” “The King has no power…” (that’s weird) “and you can earn…” Oh, yeah. “…has no power and can earn you much gold, but he’s very disappointed. Negative three if he doesn’t get to Port Royal.” So i guess you get a… there’s also like a pick-up-and-deliver thing, maybe? You haveta…. you’re also a water taxi delivering these characters to different places? The lookout: “You can collect a treasure token even when stopping on an adjacent space.” So yeah. Looks like it spices the game up a little bit. Lots of pretty artwork. This w… i dunno if this is first player, but it’s a big ol’ bottle o’ rum. Grog? Beautiful treasure chest on the back of all of the cards, and on the front of the cards, little bonuses: plus 3 treasure, plus 2 treasure… looks like spooky pirate poison… cannons, scimitars… nice lookin’ artwork on the cards, as everywhere – oh look! There’s a little sticker, confirming that what’s in the bottle is rrrrum! Not grog. So you wrap that around the bottle. And just from a cursory glance at the instruction booklet, the insert actually has a gameplay function. The bottle of rum fits in these little indents, and all of the character tiles that we saw get randomly dealt out to these spots, and when you recruit a character for your crew, it needs to be adjacent to the rum bottle, and you can pay to move the rum bottle around. That’s kinda neat. Oh! There’s little steps. Little rum bottle… doot doot doo… “i’m a rum bottle!” i THINK that’s what his voice sounds like? i dunno. You tell me. You can make up your own voice for the rum bottle, i’m sure. i haven’t checked the rules, but… i’m guessing. Uh… cool! That is the extent of that. You might want to see the cards that i got in the little promo pack? Unnng! They look… woo! Sticky. Are these any different than what’s in the box? Let’s see. Lovely diamonds! Voodoo dolls. Cool! Skulls – these look cool! These are kewel! Ah – skull with a crown?? Come on! That’s awesome! Yeah! So they ARE different. And they look awesome! Kewl! i’m gonna put those with the rest of these cards, put the sticker on my rum bottle. Oh – you know what? Interestingly, the backs for the promo cards are different from the backs for the cards that are… oh, no they’re not. (laughs) Just had them upside down cuz i’m a derp. Grreat! That is what you get in the expansion for Jamaica, called Jamaica: The Crew. i’ll play it… i haven’t even done a How to Play of Jamaica yet, but i’ll do that. It’ll go pretty quickly. It’s a simple game. And then i’ll play Jamaica: The Crew, and let you know how to play and what i think! Thank you for watching! Did you just watch that whole thing? Oh – hey! To 100% this video, click the badge to subscribe, then click the bell to get notifications when i’ve got new stuff!

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