Here’s a quick setup guide for Everdell. If you want a rules refresher, watch my How to Play Everdell video.

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Hi! It’s Ryan from Nights Around a Table. Here’s how you set up Everdell. Assemble the cardboard Evertree and put it on the stump. Points and occupied tokens go here, and then throw the different resource piles along the river. Deal out three forest action cards here in a 2-player game, or four forest action cards in a 3- or 4-player game. Basic event tiles go here, and deal four special events to the tree. Shuffle the deck and deal 8 cards out to the meadow, and put the deck in the tree. Everyone picks a colour and takes two of their workers. The rest go in the tree. The most humble player goes first. First player draws 5 cards from the deck. Every other player draws one more card than the last, going clockwise. And now you’re ready to play! If you’d like to know more about how to play, click the link at the end of this video or in the description below to watch my complete How to Play video, which includes the setup segment you just watched. And if you like what i’m doing, click the badge to subscribe, and the bell to get notifications. And now, we dance!

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