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After deciding i didn’t enjoy shuffling cards but i did enjoy deck-building games, i auditioned a number of dice-builders – Quarriors!, King’s Forge – but none of them fit the bill, until Dice Forge. i was thrilled to receive a copy of the expansion from Libellud. Here’s my rundown of the rules.  If you want to know more about the base game, Dice Forge, watch my How to Play Dice Forge video first.


At 3:26, i incorrectly explained the Omniscient card. You don’t get 2 points for each VP face you rolled when you buy the card… you actually get to look at all 6 faces of each of your dice, and score 2 points for every VP symbol you find!

And at 3:38, i failed to explain that the Abyssal Trident card does let you take a die face from the garden (that’s the area that houses special faces connected with cards, like the x3 Helmet of Invisibility and copycat Mirror of the Abyss), provided the card that would normally get you that face isn’t present in this game. So if you haven’t dealt the Helmet of Invisibility to the table for this game, the Abyssal Trident lets you forge those x3 faces.

Thanks to YouTube viewer rav3style for pointing out both of these flubs! 

Get Your Own Copy of Dice Forge: Rebellion Expansion

If you’re a completist like me, you’ll want to add Dice Forge: Rebellion to your collection. Follow the Amazon link below to get your own copy, and i’ll receive a small commission!

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Dice Forge: Rebellion Expansion

Welcome to the second edition of our legendary tournament, hero! Yourcourage, your wits and your dice will be your best allies to face the newchallenges of the gods and of their rivals! The expansion includes new die faces and 120 new Heroic feat cards(against 96 in the base game). Two optional modules, the Labyrinth ofthe Goddess and the Revolt of the Titans, feature alternative startingsetups and new mechanics. With the Goddess Module, a mighty goddess dictates new rules to theother gods. She gives you a golem that will allow you to wander throughher labyrinth and collect wonderful rewards. Join her to be covered withglory, but make sure that you don’t forget the other godsWith the Titans Module, the tournament is disturbed by the return of theoriginal masters of the sky. The titans offer you their power to turn youaway from the othergods. The time for revolt has come. To whom will you give yourallegiance?Dice Forge: Rebellion is an expansion for Dice Forge. It was designed tomeet the players’ requests, as they wanted more interaction andcombinations. Now, hero, forge your own luck with this expansion!

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