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Rio Grande games shipped me a few titles. Among them was Broadhorns: Early Trade on the Mississippi (the other was Beta Colony). i had not heard of it, and i’m willing to bet neither have you. Join me, then, on a blind box dive into Broadhorns!

Get Your Own Copy of Broadhorns: Early Trade on the Mississippi 

Perhaps surprisingly, Broadhorns isn’t the only hobbyist board game based on the Mississippi flatboat trade. Are you a collector of Mississippi flatboat trading board games? Then you can’t leave Broadhorns out of the party! Use the Amazon link below to shop for your own copy, and i’ll receive a small commission.

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Broadhorns: Early Trade on the Mississippi

In Broadhorns! Early Trade on The Mississippi the players take the role of merchants based in St. Louis, financing cargo expeditions down the Mississippi River during the early part of the 19th century. The game is played over the course of a year through the varying seasons, each presenting its own challenge. During the game, the players will finance a number of trips. With each one they will need to obtain a boat (known as a broadhorn or flatboat) and purchase cargo. The player receives a higher return for their cargo the farther down the Mississippi they travel. Some of the cargo is perishable so time is of the essence. In addition, there are travelers willing to pay for passage down the Mississippi.

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