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The notoriously daunting Mage Knight role-playing board game recently received the big box treatment, which bundles all past expansions into one unnecessarily large crate. Watch Ryan tear his traps hoisting it onto the table:

Get Your Own Copy of Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition

Having played the game now, the box insert is actually worth complaining about. Separate little packets of cards and tokens for each playable character would have been a far better way to go (and indeed, the Walkthrough Guide even suggests doing it this way, so why doesn’t the game box follow suit?) Regardless, Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition is an absolutely solid role-playing game of playing cards cleverly and setting up big combos that i’m happy to finally have in my collection. Buy your own copy of Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition using the Amazon link below, and we’ll receive a small commission:

Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition

Enter a world where legends are born in Mage Knight. Lose yourself in the characters as you change the course of history throughout the Atlantean Empire. Battle your way to victory as either a hero or villain as your reputation spreads across the land. In this epic “explore and conquer” game, strategy and intrigue are your only true companions. Play either cooperatively or competitively as a hated tyrant or well-loved leader. Being a hero is just as thrilling as playing the villain. Gain the trust and favor the people to stand strong against the tyranny, or tear down the monasteries to nab the powerful artifacts inside. It’s a constant struggle of good versus evil in this unique mix of deckbuilding, RPG and standard board games. Play once and you’ll never want to stop. Highlights: Designed by Vlaada Chvatil, who gave the world Galaxy Trucker and Through the Ages! Combines elements of board games, RPGs and deck-building games Can be played solo Epic game of exploration and conquest Contents: 240 Cards 196 Tokens 20 Map tiles 2 Game mats 8 Miniatures 54 Mana crystals 7 Mana dice 2 Rulebooks

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