It’s tough to tell what the gameplan is for the Legends of Luma series, a set of six games that I keep spotting in the bargain bin. After unboxing the first game, Oh Captain!, i wasn’t sure the series would see its second… but here it is, at an even steeper price reduction. This is what i discovered inside the well-designed box for Nomads:

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Hey everyone! It’s Ryan from Nights Around a Table. i have uh… Nomads here, which is the second game in the Legends of Luma series. i think it’s the second of a proposed six (?) games, and the idea is that they develop an IP with a certain stable of characters, and then they do six games that take those characters through the plot of this universe/world/story. Uh, it’s not a sequel necessarily. i don’t think you’re gonna find the same gameplay as in the first game in the Legends of Luma series, but it’s just – you know – it takes the same characters through a… journey. And what was the journey? Well, in the first game, there was a bunch of characters that are all on the box here, and they were all on a boat, and the boat, uh, shipwrecked, and then uh… instead of finding food and shelter, they all went into a cave and f… fought for guns, and then… lied about how many guns they had to each other. It was a bluffing game not unlike Sheriff of Nottingham, and to be honest, when i played it, i… i mean, i have an unboxing video of this one – i’ll link below if you wanna check that out – i was very impressed with the components. It was a gorgeous game, and they put all sorts of nice little details and touches into the box. i just wasn’t all that thrilled with the game. It was like Sheriff of Nottingham. i didn’t enjoy Sheriff of Nottingham all that much. And one big faux pas that i really found in this game is that in the unboxing video, you see i was raving about the, uh, the nice embossed or gold overlay on the backs of the cards. Um what’s weird is that some of the cards have a gold overlay, and some have a slightly less… maybe, like, brassier, or maybe a little bit more silvery? But anyway, you can tell the difference for sure in the cards that came off different print runs, which is kind of a big no-no in a game that’s all about not being able to tell what’s on the other side of – of cards. It’s terrible if you can, you know, distinguish the cards each other. It – it diminished my enjoyment of the game for sure. And uh, to be honest, i’ve only played it once, so i can’t fully give you a verdict on whether i liked it or not. But! A-heh… because i have an illness, i purchased the second game in the Legends of Luma series. In the first unboxing video, i talked about how i got the first one in the bargain bin, and i got this for even more of a steal on a Black Friday deal. i think i paid… seven bucks for it? So, why not? Seven bucks. i’ll buy the second game. Whatever. If i can get the whole thing done in a – you know – in a cool fifty bucks, six games? We’ll see. i’ll keep my eyes out. Uh, usually i’ll use my knife to open things, but this has a little tear in the shrink wrap, so i’ll start there. These are characteristic boxes. i’m gonna line them up next to each other so you can see that they definitely have a template that they were following here. Uh, you know, step 1, 2, 3, r – look! It’s simple! So it looks like they’re trying to appeal to families, you know – moms and dogs kind of audience. Nothin’ wrong with that. i have a family. And what i liked about it – it’s a really unique, uh, box! It opens vertically like that, and just like – oh, cool! Just like in the first one, i thought this was really neat: when you open up the first box, check out the MPC code (i meant “UPC code”) Coo-ol! There’s this little pirate ship. i thought that was pretty neat. Let’s see what we get with Nomads… We get a…. dun dunnla dun dun dun daa! Fire! That’s one thing i know about Nomads, is that it takes place around a campfire. Aaand… that’s it! As usual. Completely… ugh, no. (pained chuckling) Let’s try that again. i’m gonna pretend i didn’t see anything that just spilled out of the box. So. Step one: don’t open the vertical box vertically. Let’s spin it around to the front here. How about that? Okay. You know what’s funny, actually? i don’t recognize any of the characters on the front of the box. i wonder if those are new or introduced characters? They’re not the characters from the first ga…oh, he is. Oh, she is. Yeah, so maybe a couple of them are. i’m not… i don’t think the marquee ones, unless this is the little kid from the first game, and he’s grown up a little bit since… pilfering guns from the island? i dunno. i’m gonna open it carefully this way. So: beautiful – as before, beautiful production values on everything in these boxes, and on the back do they list? Yeah, so… you know, i always like to give shout-outs to artists on board games… Clément Masson, Swann Tolazzi? Is that how you say that? Beautiful. A couple of graphic designers here… Nice job everybody. Good job, team. This weird little flap. So… the Nomads rulebook, a very very pretty… oh, yes, and we’ve got a whole – oh my gosh! They’ve gone a b… a-heh-heh! They’ve gone a bit more crazy with the story. i think this was only … this was only, maybe, one or two pages long in the first game? Well, we have the first game here! Let’s check! (random fanfare singing) There’s the Oh Captain! book… oh, maybe i’m wrong? No, no, no. It was a big… it was a big beefy story. All of this to just say that, uh, everybody’s shipwrecked… Go get guns. Uh….. and this one… (humming uncertainly) It’s a couple more pages, i think. Yeah, i think they’ve… they let their story guys have a couple more pages. Ayaaand… What else? Um, there’s this unique game code on the back. i’m wondering if … i don’t know… “What adventures await our heroes?” i dunno if there’s, like, an ARG element or something, but the first game had a little plastic bottle with a letter in it, and you open it up, and it’s cryptic, it’s… it’s coded… and i love puzzles and code, but… i didn’t care. So (chuckling) i didn’t pursue that at all, but maybe they’re building towards something? i hate it when, uh, you know – people put the effort into something like that, and it doesn’t enjoy any uptake. But i got stuff to do! Oh! This is the game rulebook. The other thing was just a storybook. So here’s how you lay out the game. Oh! Is there a board with this one? Oh! There wasn’t a board with the first one. Oh – there’s a little… this is a big trend in board games, to have a little standee/cut-out thing that – that adds volume to the game on the table, so it’s not so flat. i just unboxed Everdell, and it has a big – you know – cardboard tree. This one has a little cardboard fire. (singing) These little character stickers, probably to peel off and put on round tokens, i’m guessing. And here… oh, i see. So in order to make the board fit, they didn’t do it so that it folds. They – i’m gonna take this whole lot out. They put puzzle-piecey little corners on it. Here’s some stuff to punch out. There’s the fire that i talked about, a little 3D fire. Bunch of tokens, tokens, tokens, tokens, tokens! So this board… huh! So like that? And the fire goes in the middle? It’s got little round feet that… lock into this whole in the middle, and hold your – hold your board together, and you’re off to the – oh! Here it is. Ha! The missing link. There’s the little puzzle piece that snaps everything together. Fire goes in there. Great! Ah – yes. i was right. Here are the tokens. So let’s see what these are all about. So these are – oh, okay. So they’re not, like… at first, i thought they would be like the … the nice little poker chips that come with, you know, like Splendor? But these are… they’re wood discs. They’re painted wood discs. They feel fine. i really like the tokens in Splendor because they got a really nice weight to them, i feel like i’m a big high roller at a… at a casino. But. These are fine. They’ll do. For seven bucks, they’ll do! The last thing in the box… it’s got a nice insert. It looks like it’s very custom for all the pieces. Hopefully it will fit all the different tokens that we saw that you can punch out. They each have a spot in here. And – oh, nice. It’s got a little – you know – it’s got “Luma” embossed in the plastic, and a little fire, cuz that’s the theme, and there’s a fireplace in this game. Finally, a small deck of… cards! If i were to guess, i would say that that deck is… its like, about, five or ten thousand cards. And they are… pretty! As all heck! Really gorgeous illustrations, and… all unique, too. Really nice pieces of artwork. Got a volcano blowing up… Gorgeous. Gorgeous stuff! Ah! Garjuss! Oh – they’re not all unique. This lute is in here a couple times. But still. i’ll take four pictures of a good-looking lute over one picture of a crummy-looking lute any day! And the character art is… really, really nice. These, i believe, are all the same characters from the first game, except it looks like… the one character who’s missing is Lys! If that’s how you say her name? Lys? L-Y-S, from the original game, and i have proof that she’s there. i called her out in the first unboxing. There she is right there! She was one of the playable characters, and it looks like they dropped her! Sorry, old lady. We need sex appeal for this game! Young people only. (ding) Young people and… and bearded fat dudes. That’s it! That’s all. Boy, and this guy, who looks like your friend’s dad, when you go over to your friend’s house, and it’s like “Uh… hi, Sir! Thanks for having me over!” i dunno. Maybe he plays into the story. i’ll go read the story later and figure it out. That is… Nomads, the second in the Legends of Luma series. As usual, i’ll play the game a bunch, i’ll tell you what think of it, or i’ll do a How to Play video for you later! Thanks! Did you just watch that whole thing? Oh – hey! To 100% this video, click the badge to subscribe. Then click the bell to get notifications when i’ve got new stuff!


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