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It’s tough to tell what the gameplan is for the Legends of Luma series, a set of six games that I keep spotting in the bargain bin. After unboxing the first game, Oh Captain!, i wasn’t sure the series would see its second… but here it is, at an even steeper price reduction. This is what i discovered inside the well-designed box for Nomads:

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i can’t promise you’ll be able to find your own copy of Nomads for seven bucks, like i did at my local board game store’s Black Friday sale, but if you buy your copy using the Amazon link below, we’ll earn a small commission.

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In the dreamlike board game Nomads, two to five players each collect disjointed pieces of stories. As you gather the story tiles, you can exchange them for a Song or Legend that makes sense of the seemingly random fragments. In the end, the player with the most points gleaned from Song and Legend cards and Opal moon tiles—and with the least number of leftover Story or Joker tiles—wins!.

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