Oh Captain! is a bluffing card game, first in the Legends of Luma series, which may or may not survive to its third installment, if this game’s tenure in the bargain bin is any indication. Watch Ryan fawn over the pretty artwork and components in this unboxing video:

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One of the knocks against the game that Ryan didn’t notice while unboxing is that some of those nice foil-overlaid cards use a slightly different colour of foil. Some are more gold, and some are more brassy. The ability to tell cards apart from their backs is the kiss of death for a bluffing game where all cards should remain secret! No one else noticed during our first playthrough, thank goodness! Shop for your own copy of Oh Captain! using this Amazon link, we’ll earn a small commission.

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Oh Captain!

Oh Captain! Is a game of bluffing and deception for three to six players from Ludonaute. You and your friends take on the role of survivors of a shipwreck, saved by a mysterious creature known as the Nukha. Your second chance at life hasn’t quelled your lust for gold though, as the Captain’s order to recover the finest treasures from the Nukha’s den sparks a mutinous idea in the crew’s head: The Captain knows treasure will be found, but not exactly what was found.

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