After a bad experience with Alien Frontiers: 4th Edition, i vowed never to back another Kickstarter campaign. A few years later, i was in the thick of it again. i fell for slick marketing and warnings that a hot new game, The 7th Continent, wouldn’t be available in stores. With the price i paid, i had better hope the box was lined with solid board game gold. Open it with me and find out:

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i paid all that money for The 7th Continent because it was unlike anything i had in my collection at the time, so it’s difficult to recommend anything like it. Still, if you want a game where you lay out tiles to build a map that you can explore with miniatures and fights monsters in a Lovecraft-inspired setting, give Mansions of Madness: 2nd Edition a try. Use this link, and we’ll receive a small commission:

The 7th Continent
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The 7th Continent

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