The Voyages of Marco Polo was all the rage when it was first released, but all the copies were snapped up before i could get one. When the game finally received another printing, i bought my own copy. Here’s what was inside:

Get Your Own Copy of The Voyages of Marco Polo

The Voyages of Marco Polo is the kind of game where the moment i finished playing, i wanted to play it again right away. It’s a tough game, especially if you draw a challenging randomized layout. And for a game that’s all about voyaging, it’s surprisingly expensive to move around the board – much the same way that it’s surprisingly difficult to grow vegetables in Agricola, a game about farming! The Voyages of Marco Polo scratches much the same itch as Alien Frontiers, which is one of my all-time favourite games. If space isn’t your bag, use the link below to shop for your own copy of The Voyages of Marco Polo, and we’ll earn a small commission:

The Voyages of Marco Polo

At the end of the 13th century, Marco Polo sets off with his father and uncle on a long voyage to the East. They will journey far and wide, master the mercantile trade, and gain favor with the great Kublai Kahn. Will you follow in the footsteps of the great Marco Polo or carve your own destiny in the annals of history.

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