NAaT Livestream Currency

You can earn two different kinds of currency during Nights Around a Table’s livestreams:

Nights Around a Table stars currency

You earn stars by watching streams, following, subscribing, gifting subscriptions, and participating in raids. Spend stars on different Twitch-related things like custom emojis and contributing to Community Challenges.

Nights Around a Table Cheddah

Earn cheddah by watching streams, solving puzzles, winning games and quizzes, and by generally being awesome. We’re working on lots of fun and interactive ways for you to spend cheddah, so stay tuned!

NAaT Chatbot Livestream Commands




Cheddah report


Find out how much cheddah you’ve earned.



Watching, but not chatting? Let Ryan know you’re here!

Does Ryan own…?

!dro terraforming mars

Tells you whether or not a particular game is in Ryan’s board game collection.


Notes: May have unpredictable results! This command hits’s search API, and tries to find an exact title match. Then it looks for that game’s bgg id in Ryan’s collection. If the search query returns results, but there are no exact title matches, it will just search Ryan’s collection using the id of the first item in the search results.

For example, ask about Pendulum by Stonemaier Games, and the bot will say that Ryan does not own a copy, because the first search query result is an exact match for a much earlier, different game. Ryan, in fact, owns 3 copies of Pendulum.

Submit chapter marker

!m Ryan flips the table

Submits your suggestion for a chapter heading, for use when the episode re-runs on YouTube.

Drink from the firehose!


Returns a link to the Big Game Grid.

Get guilded


Returns a link to the NAaT Guild on BoardGameGeek.

Get your badge




Returns a link to the public NAaT Discord Server.



Returns a link to the NAaT Patreon Campain.

Nights Around a Table Straw Poll banner


!vote 3

Casts a vote for your preferred straw poll choice.

Nights Around a Table - Player Picker 9000

Become pickable


Puts your name on the Player Picker 9000 wheel.

Leave the list


Takes your name off the Player Picker 9000 wheel.

Moderator Commands

note: these commands will only work for NAaT moderators on Twitch

Show game cover

!cover agricola

Shows a board game cover image on the screen, based on the top/best matched result from a BGG search. Use !clear to hide it.

Show next cover from search


Shows the next board game cover in sequence from the BGG search results. Use !clear to hide it.

Show specific cover

!cover bgg url

Copy/paste a BGG url with this command to display a specific cover image instead of gambling with seaerch results. Use !clear to hide it.

Clear graphics


Hides all on-screen graphics.

Set score

!setscore 5

Sets the displayed score of the game Ryan’s playing to a given number.

Change score by…

!scoreby -3

Changes the displayed score by a given number. Accepts negative values.

Queue a raid

!raidq channel name

Primes a button for Ryan to push to raid another channel on Twitch.

Explain taping


Lets viewers know that we’re taping a show, and that audience interaction will be limited.

Launch straw poll


!strawpoll 4


Starts a straw poll that viewers can vote on. Remember to !endpoll


Notes: Straw polls have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 9 choices.

End straw poll


Closes the straw poll and prints the voting results.

Nights Around a Table - Player Picker 9000

Clear players


Removes all pickable players from the list.

List players


Returns the list of pickable players.



Spins the wheel.



Toggles the wheel’s visibility.


Bios are little snippets of text – sometimes with a link – that mods can pepper into chat to give viewers more context about who is speaking, or or what is being discussed. Here is a list of available bios:

Host bios:




Show bios:









Some NAaT Chatbot commands are powered by the API.

Nights Around a Table - Tales from the Table blog

Come chat with Ryan!

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Save those meeples

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